Are you going to have a baby shower soon?

If so, you landed in the right place because we’re going to give you everything you need to create the best baby shower!

Here are some essentials and general concepts you should be aware of:

  • First - figure out your baby shower theme. It can be a jungle theme, a strawberry short cake theme for girls or a Curious George theme for boys.
  • Second - plan out your color palette ,usually 3 colors max, then from there you can start building on your ideas for your baby shower. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

If you are planning a baby shower soon and would like to learn what is the current trend or if you just want to learn more about this ever-evolving party then this is the site for you!

Decorating Ideas You Need To Know About:

Baby Shower Printables - are the latest items to hit the baby shower scene, instead of buying plastic and inorganic baby shower decorations and invitations many people are opting for printables. With a color printer and a pair of scissors you can create a beautiful baby shower; complete with banners, games, labels and invitations!

Co-ed baby shower – these are modern baby showers where both men and women are invited. Clean color schemes are usually used and there is less emphasis on decorations and themes. More emphasis is put on mingling.

Gender reveal party – is a type of co-ed baby shower where the gender of the child is not yet known. The expecting couple or the host arranges for the ultrasound technician or doctor to secretly deliver the baby’s gender to the baker without anyone knowing except the doctor and the baker.

The baker will then bake a pink (girl) or blue (boy) cake and cover it with a neutral colored frosting. At the end of the baby shower the expecting couple cuts into the cake with the guests gathered around, revealing the baby’s gender for the first time!

Diaper Cake - is a modern form of a baby shower gift. These “cakes” are made up of diapers and other baby related items the expecting couple will use in the coming months. These non-edible decorative diaper arrangements are often used as table centerpieces. They can be shaped and formed to fit all manner of baby shower themes. These include diaper cake tricycles, tractors and diaper cake motorcycles.

Clean Color Scheme – unlike traditional baby showers where pastel color schemes are used; clean color schemes are gender neutral and often used for co-ed baby showers. Example: beige, white, green and/or brown.

Video Invites – a modern form of baby shower invitation using YouTube and videos to invite people to baby showers. The video usually follows the baby shower theme.

Baby Shower Themes – instead of traditional pink or blue baby showers, people are now using baby shower themes like ladybug and monkey themes to help them decorate. The bulk of our baby shower decoration ideas come from these imaginative themes.

Baby Shower Decor You Can Work With!

None of this is out of your reach because it is all affordable. Plus, you got your friends, family and this blog to help you out. Just let us guide you and help you with your decorating and organizing.

We’ll make your planning a little less stressful and difficult. All you got to do is sign up for our free baby shower digital report and 7 day mini course to get all of this great info delivered straight to you for free.

Make your baby shower as memorable as it can be! I’m sure that you’ll find the guides, videos and posts here extremely helpful. Get inspired and start creating an unforgettable shower today!

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