Baby Shower To Do List

Baby Shower To Do List

There are so many things you need to prepare, people to call, programs to organize and so much more. A Baby shower to do list is only essential to avoid any mishaps when preparing for this wonderful occasion.

With this list, you will not overlook or leave out anything you need for your baby shower…unless there are things you forgot to include in your list. Haha :)

Baby Shower Check List Helps A lot…..

A baby shower to do list will help you delegate tasks and plan out your shower well by specifying a time frame in your checklist.  Below is a sample of a checklist.

Things to think about one month before the shower

  • the date
  • party location and theme
  • guest list
  • food to serve
  • Invitation type
  • Program and activities
  • Task delegation or people you need to help you out

Three weeks

  • Call up food caterers (this includes the cake)
  • Mail out invitations

Two Weeks

  • Finalize the food
  • Obtain decorations and giveaways
  • Prepare the games
  • Make or buy a guestbook

One Week

  • Confirm food service
  • Confirm guest attendance
  • Count the guests
  • Call guests who have not responded
  • Wrap gifts
  • Finalize the party area.  Clean the area.

One Day Before Baby Shower

  • Set up your party area
  • Count and make sure you have enough giveaways for the number of guests that are attending
  • Check your program and activities list
  • Prepare the area where you will place the food
  • Check if you have enough food and drinks for everyone

Baby Shower Day!

  • Check decorations and do last minute detail checking
  • Prepare the beverages
  • Prepare the food and cake
  • Place the guestbook at the entrance of the shower location
  • Prepare a table for the gifts

A baby shower to do list is extremely helpful to make your baby shower party go smoothly.  You can make something like this to help you with your planning.

Good luck!

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